Day 1 – I’m a fat chick…

The other day I got tired… from walking around a bridal fair.

I’m getting married, and I’ve had enough. I’m done with watching “Biggest Loser” on the couch. I’m done with not fitting on roller-coasters. I’m done with my knees hurting and only being able to shop in one clothing store in the mall.

My goal weight loss is 200 lbs, and I know I can do it.

So, I have a calorie counter/exercise tracker computer program. I have a calorie counting book. I have a food diary for on the go when I’m not at the computer.  I’ve got a 20 percent discount at Whole Foods, and today I joined a gym. I might not always update every day, but I’m hoping that just putting it out in public will help motivate me. I don’t like to fail, and I really don’t like to fail in public.

So: Day 1

Calories Consumed:  1841
Calories burned in exercise: 307
Net Calories for the day: 1534
Total minutes exercise: 35  (all treadmill)


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