Day 2 – The Cybex tried to eat me!

Net Calories: 1992
Total Calorie Intake: 2228
Calories burned during exercise: 236

Exercise Details:  20 minutes on the treadmill and about 5 minutes on a cybex machine.  The cybex kicked my ass.  Still, I went right after work before the snow started.

My fiancee says the Cybex sounds like it should be a dinosaur or a pokemon.  She’s folding laundry on the couch right now, and when I told her I was writing that down, she wanted to know if she gets a cool name.  I told her absolutely.  Everyone online deserves a cool name.  She suggested H-bomb, I veto.  Evidently her co-workers have been trying to get it to stick.  I think she’s gonna be Dingo.  I’ll tell the story someday.  I’m Rhino, by the way.


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