Day 3 – Snowdays, slow-cookers, and laundry

So, Dingo has an unexpected 3 day weekend as her store was closed today due to the massive snowstorm hitting most of the Mid-Atlantic.  We got some laundry done, re-hooked our Wii up (I still need to try out a new exercise program I got for it… that’s on my to-do list for tomorrow) and got some general cleaning done.  We finally put away our christmas tree!

For dinner, I tried mushroom and sausage risotto in the slow cooker.  I’m sure it would have worked better if I’d actually had wine, and not messed up on the amount of liquid when I was cutting down the recipe.  As it was, it was good, but the rice was to mushy for my taste (Dingo loved it though, she even ate the mushrooms!).

I’m still hungry today, probably because Dingo is still munching on things and made hot chocolate not too long ago and I can still smell it.  I’m making a cup of red tea, maybe a little splenda, and I’m off to watch SNL and get some sleep.

Calories consumed: 1747
Exercise:  didn’t get to the gym, but did do quite a bit of housework involving standing and lifting.  Tomorrow, I’ll shovel the car out.  That may make up for a light day today!


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