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Day 4 – Jenny McCarthy can kiss my ***

Today, we dug ourselves out of the 20+ inches of snow we got.  While apartment maintenance was cleaning the parking lot, we had to move cars, so Dingo and I ran out to Old Navy (for $2 tank tops and an unexpected new travel mug for me) and CVS (for, um, necessities).  While at CVS, I found the most fantastic thing!  I kitchen scale for $10!  I’ve been thinking about getting one, but haven’t wanted to drop $30 on one.

I promptly came home, tested it to be sure it worked, and started weighing everything in the kitchen.  Turns out, I was heavily overestimating weights of things!  I estimated some imitation krab to be about 4 ounces, turns out it was 2.7!  Same deal with cucumber…

For a little bit of backstory about my weight issues, 2 years ago, an old housemate I’ll call Hawai’i and I had a friendly wager.  Who could lose the most weight in 2 1/2  months?  I won, dropping almost 30 lbs.  2 years later, I’ve gained all but 5 back.   I tried to do too much at once, got overwhelmed and quit trying, quit paying attention and quit exercising.  Trust me, I’m kicking myself for that now.

Back then, one of the things I learned was that I NEED to eat breakfast.  If I do, I don’t consume nearly as many calories in a day.  Today, for example, I started the day out with a nice bowl of Kashi GoLean.  It’s got a crazy amount of fiber, and I was full for hours.  For a mid-morning snack I had a fantastic apple (yay fiber quotient for the day!) and later for lunch I made homemade sushi (California roll sans avocado).  Since I slept until noon today, lunch was around 5 and I really didn’t want a whole dinner, instead I just had a small peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Anyway, my point was, I’m going to try and eat breakfast everyday.

I wasn’t up for the gym today, but I did dig my car out of the snow, and I did hook up a Wii game I got a while ago for the first time.  Some Jenny McCarthy exercise thing with a camera that tracks you and puts you on the screen and can tell if you’re doing the exercise right.  Sounds great in theory, but the game talks at you too darn much!  Yes, I know I’m not moving my legs enough for a jumping jack.  I’m a super fat chick on the 6th floor of an apartment building.  It’s 9:30pm, and I have neighbors below me in their 70’s.  I have a father in his 70’s… he goes to bed around 7pm!

Anyway, I lasted only about 10 minutes before I wanted to shove the wii-mote somewhere not very pleasant for Ms. McCarthy.  Later, I may see if I can turn off some of the ‘motivational’ phrases and try it again.

Oh well, tomorrow it’s another day at work and then off to the gym afterwards.  Dingo says she’ll come with, but we’ll see.  Right now, it’s almost midnight, and I’m actually under by almost 700 calories today!  Go me! ( I think I may still have a cup of tea, with some splenda though).

Daily summary:

Gross Calories: 1457
Exercise: 10 minutes of aerobics (approx 150 calories burned)
Net Calories for the day:  1307

Tomorrow, a weigh in to see if anything has happened in a week…